WebCrypto is a sophisticated cybersecurity tool tailored specifically for the cryptocurrency sector. It evaluates cryptocurrency project websites to verify their authenticity and protect users against scams. This tool utilizes an advanced algorithm to analyze textual content, website layout and server information, providing thorough assessments to confirm the legitimacy of each site.

  • Phishing Link Prevention: Prevents users from engaging with phishing links designed for fraud, ensuring that hackers do not gain access to your crypto wallets.
  • AI and Bot Detection: WebCrypto scrutinizes websites to detect content generated by artificial intelligence and the presence of bots, which are often indicators of fraudulent activities.
  • DEX and Web3 Website Scanning: Scans Decentralized Exchange and other Web3 platforms to confirm they are secure and have not been compromised. It ensures that these sites are safe for operations and free from manipulations.
  • Centralized Exchange Verification: Assesses the authenticity and reputation of centralized exchange websites. WebCrypto investigates whether these sites have been involved in scams, their operational history and overall reliability.
  • Connection Testing: Conducts comprehensive connection testing to ensure that websites function correctly and securely, confirming operational stability and user safety.

It is recommended to perform security checks at least once a month. Given the dynamic nature of web threats, websites can become vulnerable over time. Hackers may modify site features or security measures, making regular assessments by WebCrypto crucial for maintaining optimal protection.

Price $175.95

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