Launch of Anti-Scam 24 Elevating Blockchain Security with Advanced Real Time Analysis

Date: 19 April 2024

Location: London

In response to escalating challenges posed by cyber threats within the blockchain ecosystem, Alpascape is proud to introduce Anti-Scam 24, a blockchain security tool designed to significantly enhance the safety and reliability of blockchain interactions. Amid rising concerns over cyberattacks, which siphoned over $3 billion from blockchain operations in 2023 alone, Anti-Scam 24 emerges as a vital solution to secure digital assets and transactions.

Anti-Scam 24 utilizes advanced real time analytics to meticulously examine smart contracts across various parameters, including liquidity, code integrity and transaction patterns. This robust examination aids in identifying and mitigating potential threats before they can impact users and enterprises.

Service Overview

Basic Package – $49.95

  • Code Verification: Confirms smart contract code authenticity on the blockchain.
  • Function Activation Checks: Ensures key smart contract functionalities are operational.
  • Financial Function Analysis: Includes thorough reviews of tax applications, token minting, burning, and transfer processes.
  • Ownership and Control Inspections: Examines aspects like proxy functions and ownership renunciation.
  • Deployment and Structural Assessment: Analyzes the contract’s originality, deployment details and third-party involvement.

Pro Package – $179.95:
Includes all features of the Basic package, plus:

  • Liquidity Contract Reviews: Ensures structural integrity and resistance to manipulation.
  • Potential Rug Pull Detection: Monitors for signs that may indicate a sudden withdrawal of liquidity.

Premium Package – $475.95:
Encompasses all features of the Basic and Pro packages, with additional exclusive services:

  • Suspicious Wallet Tracking and Analysis: Monitors and analyzes wallets associated with high-risk activities.
  • Bot-Driven Anomaly Detection: Identifies abnormal patterns potentially indicative of automated bot activities.
  • Comprehensive Scam Evaluation: Includes an overall scam score reflecting the risk assessment based on detailed analysis.

Currently, Anti-Scam 24 supports Ethereum, Polygon and BNB blockchains. Soon, it will expand compatibility to include more EVM blockchains and mainnets, making it applicable across a broad range of blockchain applications.

Alpascape’s launch of Anti-Scam 24 is set to empower users and organizations by providing the tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of blockchain safely and confidently. By integrating sophisticated technologies and comprehensive analytics, Anti-Scam 24 addresses the urgent need for proactive defense mechanisms in the blockchain space, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for all stakeholders.

About Alpascape

Alpascape is a specialized division of Exohood Labs, with a dedicated focus on advancing blockchain technology and cybersecurity. Our team is adept at designing secure, scalable blockchain infrastructures and conducting detailed security assessments of smart contracts.

With over 30 years of continuous experience in cybersecurity, our professionals are specialized in blockchain technology. Our mission is to empower businesses with robust tools and strategies, enabling them to navigate the complex blockchain landscape safely and effectively. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and innovation, ensuring that our clients can leverage the full potential of blockchain technology with confidence.

For more information about Anti-Scam 24 and to purchase the service, please visit our website at

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