Contract Characteristics

The Pandora smart contract implemented on Ethereum, using the experimental ERC404 standard, combines features of ERC20 and ERC721 token standards to enable both fungibility and non fungibility within a single framework.

Indications of Flags

Potential red flags in the Pandora contract include:

Additional Information

The contract aims to support complex asset management applications, which might appeal to various stakeholders in the digital asset and decentralized finance sectors.


For a detailed risk assessment and security recommendations regarding the Pandora contract, please consider acquiring our full analysis report. This comprehensive review will provide deeper insights into the security architecture and help mitigate potential risks.

Similar Contracts

Here are some contracts that have been identified as having similar bytecode to the main contract. These addresses might represent different versions or deployments with slight variations in functionality or configurations:

  • 0x09C8aAE8ee7fCaA3700398c70b51478f962349Df
  • 0x1251F2d326f6bc1C516C0627a19ddA3E4b301D4C
  • 0xcE6a4765Af4fc723b427119Dbaa73a954dD5AE06
  • 0xd16e21Ed6d0AE849c5b835a24d49732DAE875E8a
  • 0xf88d248d78887b4aD713Aff421D505492b923Fdc

Publication Date


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